Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thursday 20 th March 2014...

Borrowed from Google Images)

It started off lovely here in southern England with blue skies and the sun was out as I was squinting as I looked through the window!  Now.. well its just gone 3 pm and hmmm its rather dull :(

Luckily I went out with Han this morning to the museum as she wanted to meet the artist/designer of the exhibition in the museum.  

Here is our little jaunt out...

Yes Han had to get in on the photo!

We just had to take this photo as it looks like Han in on the floor.. but no!! Its the walls in the lift!! Yes they are carpeted!! Funny we thought!

Inside the museum..

Lol the right hand photo I took shows the reflection of me as I took it.. ha ha my face is in the right place!  And how lovely I look too!!

How times have changed... as it was way back then...

And a present day play area/room... what a difference!

Here we are... doing what we do.... being silly!  Double trouble!! ha ha ha 

And this... a patchwork quilt made for the millennium.. its beautiful.  It is actually massive but I wanted to just show the details.

There are loads of things to look at in the museum.. I have hardly touched on things.  We enjoyed out walk around and Han got to meet the designer/artist so smiles all around.

Right ... onto the stitching....

I will post photo's later...


  1. The millennium quilt looks stunning.

  2. ooooo love the museum ... the dress really suits you ... would have loved to have tried one on .... and the quilt looks amazing too :) love mouse xxxxx


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