Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday 16 th March 2014 - Thope Park ...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

 What a day I have had!!!

Well today we were all up early and off to the theme park.  Yes Thorpe Park is where we went!!

Here are some photo's of out amazing warm blue sky day...

Here we are at Starbucks on route! Me going crazy for it!!
Then the entrance to the park and a group photo... Morgan, (Hans friend) Han, me and Jon.

Where to go...

This is a coaster called Swarm... Han and Morgan went forwards and backwards on this one!

This is Tidal Wave, a boat coaster!  Its great fun and you get soaked!

Here is a boat ride called Loggers Leap.. Morgan, Han and me in the back!  Yes we got wet!

Popular snack!

Here is another coaster and the arm in the air at the back is Han!!

Here are 2 more coasters... Saw.. and amazing ride (first 2) and Nemesis.. a screamer!

Some photo's of around the park..

My favorite one Han took... its of Swarm .

Some photo's of us all enjoying the day :)

So that was our day out.. 

I really lovely warm happy day :)

Just look at the sky...

Blue and so clear.. we saw many an aeroplane whilst there as the park is not far from the Gatwick/Heathrow flight path!

Its really lovely to be able to go out... Jon cannot travel for long as the motion of the car and the road bumps hurt his back a lot.  So we try to stop a lot more than usual and the journey will take longer but at least we all get there!  We took along Morgan to keep Han company!! See sometimes I go an the coasters... but not always!  This way poor Morgan will get carted off to them all!! ha hah ah a  He really enjoyed his day too :)

Great day!

Smiling loads :)


  1. Ewwww... i prefer my feet firmly on the ground, I'm a scaredy cat lol.
    Looks like you all had a fun time.

  2. Looks like you had a fun day out!!!

  3. It was a GREAT day thank you @Mii Stitch, Catherine and Julie :)


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