Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday 26 th March 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I have some really exciting news to share... I have won something, a truly lovely chart from a fellow stitcher...

Thank you to KimM @ Wisdom with Needle and Thread... HERE is her blog.

Its a LHN's  'Goodwill' proverb ....

The above photo of the 'Goodwill' proverb was actually stitched by KimM, its just beautiful and I love everything about it.. the colors, the pretty flowers.. I am thrilled that I will now be able to stitch this too.

I just cannot stop smiling!  It will remain special to me as it is actually the first thing I have won!  I think it a lovely gesture to forward on used charts.. such wonderful generosity.  And I think this is something I now will adopt... :)

Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive in the post!! eeeeekk!!! Actual stitchy post for me!! I cannot believe how excited I am!

Ha ha do you like my Easter runner?? I thought I would get into the mood as Easter is fast approaching!

I took this photo of Cumbercat this morning... he only just fits on there... its the window at our back door.

Silly cat will lie anywhere!

Well I have been looking at my things and I am in a little shock as to how much waste threads I have in my jar...

I will have to find a project where I can use some of them.  I just love the colors :)

And the other thing I noticed was my tray on my lamp... goodness its a mess!! I have not noticed it before as I just used it!  And what a great little useful tray it is too!  So hmmm here is my tray in its messy state...

As you can see I use it for everything!!  My egg is hanging off the chart holder!  And pretty much everything that does not have a home sits in that tray!

And here is the new improved tray...

A visible improvement!!  How long it will stay like this is any ones bet!! ha ha 

Onto a little stitching...

Well I did something to the lovely bunny I stitched yesterday.. not sure I like it... may have to 'do' something else with it... not sure what ?!

Oh its not finished... I am still working on the border around the bunny.  Its clearly far too big to go on an egg... what was I thinking!!??  I have mastered French Knots now!! ha ha Have no idea where this bunny is taking me or what I am going to use it for... but its fun!! ha ha a

More stitching needed I think! 

More updates later...


  1. Aww such a sweet post :)
    Sweet chart you received...your kitty is so cute...maloo is saying hi :)
    Yummy threads and beautiful stitching.
    Hugs x

  2. Glad you won the chart from Kim, she's such a sweetie!! Love your work "station" with a very useful little tray :) Your rabbit is cute, I'm looking forward to see how you finish it. Take care xx

  3. @cucki and @Mii Stitch - Thank you for your comments happy stitching to you both :)


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