Sunday, 9 March 2014

Saturday 8 th and Sunday 9 th March 2014....

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So I thought I would combine Saturday and Sunday's events into one post...


A pretty slow day for me, still was not 100% so I actually did not a lot all day! hmm not a productive day!

Stitching wise all I did all day was unpick a massive piece of work I did a while ago ... I just was not happy with it so un picked it all!!   And as many of you know un picking cross stitch is very time consuming. 

Food wise I ate a egg toasted sandwich in the morning...

This kept me ticking over for a long time.  I was not hungry for what seemed ages afterwards.  And I think after eating this I started to feel a lot better too.

We all decided to go over to my parents home for afternoon tea...well ok coffee and cake!  My mum decided to make a cake and well we all needed to eat it!!

Here is the cake she made..

I am really pleased to say I only had one slice, it was really lovely and the fresh strawberries were a nice treat.  My mum watches a lot of cake programs on TV... Cake Boss mostly and likes to experiment with things she has watched!  We all become the samplers of her creations!

Later, I say later I mean much later like 7 pm !  I decided to eat dinner!  And it was my favorite... Jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad.

It looks like loads but I just spread it around the plate!  And to be fair there is an awful lot of lettuce on the plate!  It was really nice and I enjoyed it.

So you see Saturday was a really boring un interesting day as that is all that happened! ha hah a


Another lazy day in out home!! ha ah a a

Today Han and I went out with my parents for a stroll in the sunshine, and WOW it was quite warm too!  We went to a well known market that takes place on Sunday's here.  It was nice to be out.

A few photo's of us out and about that Han took...

This is what happens when I leave it up to Han to take the photo's whilst we are out!! OMG!! 

This one is a random one of the market!  Lovely one of the bins! ha hah a

I dont even remember her taking this one!  My dad on the left, then mum and then me!!  

I really have no idea why she took this one!  Maybe the lovely blue sky?!!  Yes its the meat lorry!! Apparently it travels around all the local markets but is based in Brighton just up the road.  Shame I am a vegetarian!

So you see they are the marvelous photo's she took of the beautiful weather today!  Just like Han, she never does things normally!!

Food wise today I have not actually eaten much.. I ate a banana for breakfast and then late afternoon I had roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, roasted parsnips and yorkshire pudding.

This is what I left!...

OK I tried but just could not eat it all!  I made a dent into it, I am feeling fine now.. I hope I am back to normal.  It just seems I cannot eat a lot now... well not as much as I did any way!  I guess its good as I did eat ...right!

Later this evening Han wants Pancakes!! See when it was Pancake day we did not have any... for what ever reason.  So this evening its out Pancake Day!! ha ha 

Well our pancakes are like this...

A bit of this...

And this...

Then the pancake...

Then they got rolled up and eaten!!

I had 2 and WOW that was enough.

I keep forgetting to tell you all about our kittens!  Well they are so so tiny now... they are just over 6 months old and we think they are adorable.

The finding the name for them was a real hard decision.  See we got 2 cats so they helped to keep each other company and could play together too.

Han being Han wanted a totally original name for the boy cat... so she chose Benedict Cumbercat!! I know!! But that is the name she wanted!! And for short we call the male cat Cumbercat!

It took mr forever to choose a name for the female cat...they are brother and sister.  In the end we chose Mrs Norris... off Harry Potter, Filches cat!  And yes we do actually call her that!

Here are some photos of them...

This is Cumbercat!  On their scratchy/bed post.

Here is the scratchy/bed post with both of them asleep in it!

Cumbercat squashed into the bed!  I think he is getting a little too big for it now!

Here is Mrs Norris!  Curled up in her bed.... very strange cat!

Mrs Norris again! Soooo cute!

So that is our cats.. or are they still classed as kittens?  Either way they are cute and a lot of fun.

Stitching wise what have I done today...erm... nothing :(

But now that dinner is over and I am relaxing on my stitchy chair I can do some stitching.

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  1. Glad you had a lovely weekend with all that sunshine!!!


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