Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday 10 th March 2014

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Here we are again... Monday!! 

Today I did feel better... until I ate lunch... I think its the butter, my poor delicate stomach just cannot take the butter!  Well I hope its that!  So I am cutting it out of everything now!  Its an odd one as I switched from margarine to butter a its better for you!  But my stomach does not think so! ha ha ho hum!  So yes back to feeling ill and unwell again :( 

I took a photo of the 2 yes 2 daffodils in our garden! A little bit of spring!

Ha ha emphasis on the little seeing as there is only 2 of them!! 

Today, this morning I dropped Han off at the tattoo artists as she went to have her own design put on the inside of her arm.  I think she is very brave, braver than me as I know I could not stick the pain!  The images I will show you are of her idea which the tattoo artist drew and that is the image going on her arm.. Han owns the copyright to the design so please do not copy any of the photos without my knowledge.  

Here is the original design that was created before it went onto Han's arm!!  Its lovely :)

Here are the stages of it going on her arm....

The finished look is lovely and I really like it... the amount of detail is just right and its very pretty on her arm.  

Food wise I ate breakfast.. love it or hate it, I had wholewheat brown toast with marmite! mmmm

Then as we forgot to eat lunch at lunch time we ended up eating it at 3 pm! ha ha well at least we ate it!  I had a toasted sandwich with cheese and onion ... but I did not take a photo.

Shortly after eating this I felt awful and sick again so this is why I think it is the butter that is making me ill?  And that is all I have eaten today...

Not sure I want to eat anything else today... maybe later? I hate feeling squiffy and not well.

I have been stitching today... just a little.  A bit more of my Eastery design...  Talking of Easter I still have this box of things I put together for a RAK.. but I have no one to send it to.  I have looked at all the people in the group and I know its nice to give and lovely for them to receive I just dont want anyone to be disappointed.. I just with I was given a name and told where to send it to.  The wondering where to post it to is driving me a little crazy... at this rate I doubt I will post it.  And I know who ever does get it will appreciate I put it together myself and know what that is like... its still scary!

Arrrrggghhh I just want to post it and let it go!  Wish someone could help me.  Yes I keep coming back to this every few days,... I am sorry :(  Its just that its on my mind and I am concerned about it.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Really don't be anxious about this RAK thing.... why don't you write all the names on paper and do a draw?? Like that you would have given a chance to everyone and won't feel guilty to send it to whoever you have picked!! This is what I've decided I will do. I'll keep the names of the ones raked out and make sure to add new members too. So like this, eventually everyone will get something :)

  2. Mii Stitch, this is such a great idea and I thank you very much for suggesting it! That is what I will do... names in a hat and my husband (Jon) can pick the person I send it to! Marvelous! Thank you!! As for the illness... I am rather fed up of it now... cutting foods out now to eliminate the culprit that is making me feel so ill. Hope I find the culprit!? Thank you for popping in, I love the messages you leave :)

  3. Thanks Jacquie,
    I hope you'll find something interesting in my shop :)))

  4. @Isobel-Argante - Your blog is wonderful and I love your designs, especially the Plant a Garden,I love it. Thank you for popping in and leaving a comment on my blog :)


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