Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday 23 rd March 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

What a lovely old day!  Well a strange one I watched from my window most of the day!  That is right.. I stayed in all day!  ha ha but not in my PJ's!! I actually got dressed!  I say its a strange day as the weather has been all over the place... rain, sun, blue sky then rain, dark grey sky then yes sun again.. a very odd day.  In a way I am pleased I stayed in as I know I would of been the one who got drenched!

Whilst inside I have been stitching... not all day, been cooking dinner and pottering about too.  But yes done some stitching, it does not look like a lot of progress but believe me its taken hours!  Its all the color changes and then the outlining.  I am pleased its almost done... only a little bit to do in the right hand corner now... yippppee!!! 

Progress so far...

You can see the colors I have added at the bottom... and the small empty space I still have to fill!! I thought I would of got it finished today but I seriously underestimated how long all those colors changes would take.  Ho hum hopefully I will finish it tomorrow!  Yes tomorrow is another day after all!! :)

So that is all really what I got up to this wonderful Sunday! ha ha

But you know what... I am smiling :)

Oooh yes... I want to say a big HELLO and thank you to all the new people that have popped in on my blog, very nice of you to do so :)  And yes thanks to all those who are still with me.. my journey is changing constantly.. I love how its turning out :)

Thank you xxx


  1. Glad to hear you are smiling. Lovely progress on the dolphins!

  2. It's going to be beautiful hanging on your wall when its all finished.

  3. This is a great update, you have definitely worked on this a lot these past few days!!! It is beautiful & colourful, can't wait to see it finished :)

  4. What a beautiful design! I love any sea themed patterns!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Hello Jaqcuie!
    I just found Your sweet blog via Mii Stitch !
    Your Dolphins look great You have really worked hard with that demanding piece of stitching!
    I am from Finland.
    Please excuse my funny english and the bad grammar :)

    With my Best Greetings,Maija

  6. Hello to my new followers and stitchy friends popping in, its really lovely that you have commented on my blog :)
    I have really enjoyed stitching this project and well I should finish it!! Only a little right hand corner bit to do...
    Smiles to you all :)


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