Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wednesday 5 th March 2014....

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GOODNESS where do I start????

Well I must apologize for not writing my blog :(

I have had no PC for a few days... its not been connected as my living room has been upside down whilst I had new radiators fitted.

I have not used my living room since Monday evening!  Its pretty much taken all day today to get my house back to some kind of normal again.  All my plants were being stored in the kitchen, so that looked like the jungle!  Luckily we have a rather large TV in our bedroom so we were able to still watch that!  

As for cooking... well things have lets say been difficult.  And I have not actually been that hungry either so just tried to cope with everything day by day really.  Yes..... hmmm... I have been stressed, its not a nice feeling at all, like I had no control over anything and I just had to accept it.  I made it through....some how!

So I now have the most amazing stitching corner ever!! I love it... here are some photo's from different angle so you can see for yourselves...

This is where I hang out now!  And I love it!! :)

When I was in college on Tuesday I managed to grab this!! But of course Starbucks!! And a pot of rice to keep me going!

I did have my hair done... its much lighter as I had highlights and a little trim with a few layers added.  I really like it... I will put a photo on my blog when its daylight :)

Yes seriously my living room as stitching corner has not long been finished... I am am tired :(  But pleased I plodded on to get it finished.  I was actually getting withdrawal symptoms from not posting on my blog! ha ha ha

As far as other food goes.. I have had fish and salad as its easiest!  

Stitching ... hmmm well not managed to do any over the last few days :(  I feel terrible about that.  To be honest I wish I had found the time or space to just do a little as it may of relaxed me and taken away some stress?  But its fine now as I can start stitching again tomorrow!!  Yipppppppeeeeeee!!

I just really want everything to go back to normal... that would be nice.

I hope you are all ok and smiling out there in blog land?  I am smiling now that everything is back to normal!   Smiling makes you feel better about anything and everything... this is why I do it !!

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OH... today was English class... I did not go :(  OMG!! I was supposed to do my presentation, oh its ready I could of done it.  But today for me has been so stressful a emotional roller coaster in fact that I just managed to get through the day let alone go to English and do a presentation in front of the whole class!! So this is why I did not go today.. and I have had the stonker of all stonker head aches all day too :(  

Talking of my head... I am and will be having investigations on my head on the 17th March at hospital.  I have waited a long time for this appointment and to be honest I am a little nervous now.  The are going to do memory test on me as my memory is getting really bad... I think its got worse in the last 6 months.  Where has this come from?... well when I was in my late 20's I had a road traffic accident and I had a head injury and had amnesia for just over 3 months.  I will also as a matter of course be tested for dimensia and Alzheimers... pleased to rule them out I think!  They are also going to find out more about my learning difficulties as I am having increasingly more and more issues on a daily basis.  I am getting more confused and frustrated about things and I am generally not coping well at all.  So you see this is why I am pleased to go to the neuro specialist as they could help me understand what is going on with my head.

Oh but I am not worried... but I will keep you informed as to what goes on :)

What will be will be as they say!!


  1. Sorry you decided to skip your presentation to the class but look on the bright side, you now have new radiators!!! You'll be warm & comfy for your stitching :D Good luck with the neuro specialist appointment, I keep my fingers crossed & hope it's nothing too bad. Hugs xxx

  2. Mii Stitch, that is so true! And lovely radiators they are too!! h ah ah ha Warm oh yes! The difference is very noticeable and I like it! Yes the head specialist as I call him! Take that as it comes, but thank you :)


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