Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Monday 3 rd March 2014.....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Hello Monday!!

Well what on earth am I doing today?  Hmmm 

Stitching... I am finishing off some things for my RAK and a mothers day stitch for a friend who lost her mum... something for her to keep.  I am a bit more relaxed about doing the RAK now.  I am doing something I love and who ever I send it to it is their passion too.  This is after lovely blog friends told me not to worry!

I will post some stitchy photo's later in the week :)

Today Han and I went shopping at ASDA... and us being us we took some photo's!  Hmmm 

We saw these rabbit lollies and just had to!!

And me being ...er.... mad!

Yes that is what happens when we go out!  We arrived at the shop at 7.30 pm and left at around 10.30 pm!!  This is actually normal for us!  See we get side tracked a lot....

We were in the toilet roll isle looking at buying a big pack when han turned around and went Ooooh!! That was it we were then side tracked!  We then spent the next 45 minutes looking at various cans of air freshener and spraying them into the isle!.... goodness the isle was fragrant!  We could not decide on one or two so we bought a selection of air fresheners! ha hah a then left the isle to find other lovely things!... it was not till much later I realized we did not pick up the toilet roll!! hah ha ha ha We did leave with the toilet roll so that was ok!

So you see this is how we spend hours in one shop!

I have to show you something that I found whilst looking around the net... I think its funny so hence why I am posting it!!

Ha ha ha now I should put that on my fridge!  Such a great idea and I love it!  Magnets are fun and I think I need to get me some!

So food wise what have I been up to then???

Well for some unknown reason I just have not been hungry at all today....

It was not until I went shopping at 7.30 pm I thought I had better eat something!  Naughty me!!  The cafe int he store had closed so the next option was sandwiches..... Han and I then thought lets have a picnic!  ha ha ha so we did!!  I could not choose what to have so ended up having 2 different sandwiches!  And my first packet of crisps in ages!

Prawn and cheese sandwiches and crisps with a low calorie drink.  I ate it really slowly as I was not hungry but I needed to eat it as I was feeling rather weak.  We ate out picnic, re-charged our batteries and then set off on our epic shopping exhibition! ha hah a

I know not a good selection of food to eat all day but at least I did eat!

Tomorrow will probably be another odd day as I am in college all day and then in the hair salon at the college getting a new hair style :)  So I wont be home till late I imagine.  I should eat at some point... I will remember to take a photo if I do!  OMG!! just thought you know I have been doing this taking the photo of what I eat for what seems ages now.... why do I still forget then??? hmmmm interesting!!

Well finishing this now its almost 1.30 am!! ha ha ha so its .....

(Photo taken in my local Tesco!)

That's right... Pancake Day!! 

I will at some point make pancakes tomorrow (today!) when I return from college... they will be SPECIAL pancakes... ones Han and I have not had in years... since we lived in France actually!  mmmmmm

Looking forward to that! :)


  1. Happy Shrove Tuesday, enjoy your pancakes.
    Enjoy being pampered and getting the new hairstyle.

  2. How to get sidetracked when doing the grocery shopping... mess about with some cute rabbit lollies!!! :D You both look hilarious!!
    Enjoy the pancakes... my favourite is with Nutella!!! So so naughty but so yummy
    Have a great day xxx


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