Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday 13 th March 2014...

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What a lovely day today... look the sky is wonderful..

This is the tree in my garden.. but just look at that blue sky!! Lovely, just lovely.

And I found some bluebells and more daffodils...

I think spring is here!! 

Stitching wise I think I need to be a bit more organized.. I have a few projects on the go and need to rotate them I think so that I get them finished.  Or I fear I may stay on one project and not complete the others..

Here is what I have on the go at the moment.. Oooh yes theis is a good idea then I can post updates!!

1. The Game Board Sampler by The Drawn Thread

2.  Anchor - Tutankhamun

3. The Gold Collection Petites - Ocean Friends

4. Janlynn - Herbal Window

5. The Craft Collection - Dovecote Cottage

6. Riverdrift House Designs - Welsh Alphabet

As you can see I have a few on the go!  And not forgetting my Eastery stitch too!  I want to keep secret until done!  

So I should rotate them.. stitch a bit.. or spend a day or two on each then switch to the next?  Curious to know what others do in this situation.

Its a lovely day and I am inside stitching! ha hah a

Here is Mrs Norris... she is wanting my attention more than usual today... do you think she knows I plan to stitch all day??!! hmmm

I would not want it any other way!

I hope your having a lovely day...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

More later......

For breakfast today I fancied a cheese sandwich!  Me being me that is what I had...

Well I had something to eat for lunch... my favorite!! Jacket potato with mixed variety baked beans and a sprinkle of cheese.

Start to finish mmmm!!

Later in the evening I had a small bowl of the most amazing pasta ever... its made with a high percentage of vegetable.  I put a creamy tomato sauce over it and mmm!

This evening I looked outside and Ooooh!! Its foggy!  Just reminded me of a scene from Scooby Doo!  Although Han said more like Silent Hill! ha ha a

Look, yes that is my car!...

I think its eerie around the lights... 

Thought it rather cool so shared it! :)


  1. Dora, I am so happy you posted your blog on that FB group. Wow, you have several that are so close to finishing! Lovely projects all. Just stitch on the one that calls you at the moment and soon they will soon be finished.

  2. Lots of lovely stitching projects to keep you busy.
    Sweet little furry friend too.

  3. Thanks yes I have a lot to keep me busy! I am stitching Gold Collection Petites Ocean Friends one.. its coming along nicely. I will post an update later...


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