Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thursday 27 th March 2014....

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I have some very exciting news to share.. a fellow stitching blogger is in the latest World of Cross Stitching magazine.. issue 215, page 56...

Here is what is in the magazine..

I do hope that Mii Stitch does not mind me saying that it is a very lovely blog and just simply WOW!! for being in the magazine.

If you would like to go see her blog for yourself  HERE is the link.

What have I been up to...

Last night I attended my English evening class.... did a mock English reading paper in preparation for my exam.  I actually did really well... 39 out of 40!! BUT... my exam is next week!!! Its the first one and then after Easter its the English written paper.  Its come around really quickly and I am a little shocked that the first exam is next week! eeeekkkk!!  I had to leave early from the class as my right hand was in a lot of pain.. its from an old injury I did ooooh 2 years ago now.  I accidentally put my hand and arm through a glass door as I could not judge the distance...and I pushed it a little too far :(

As a result I severed tendons and nerves in my right arm and wrist.. and I now have loss of feeling in my palm and yes if I use it too much it hurts.  Not good really as it s my writing hand. 

Some photos...

Here is how it was!

And now...

I was extremely lucky to have missed all the major things and I still have use of my hand.  But like I say writing and now stitching for too long causes me pain...such a shame. But  I am thankful I can still use my hand.  I just adapt everything I do as my wrist is very weak still.

This was not meant to be a gloomy post.. just trying to show you a bit more of me!  And the daily struggles I go through.  So yes I came home from English early... 

Today my wrist is twinging a little so I have not done any stitching as yet.. I may do later.  I feel like a loose end when not stitching, do you feel like that?  Is that just me?  I stay positive and do what I can, I have never let this injury get to me or get me down... tomorrow is after all a new day and I can start again! :)

Right its about 2.30 pm, early afternoon and well I am going to try to do some stitching as I am bored! ha ha 

I have an Easter egg thing to be getting on with... I am exchanging 3 Easter eggs I make with 3 other people from all over the world, Australia, UK and Canada I think.  Its an exchange I am participating with in a FaceBook group.  We all do Easter trees and thought it a great idea to send each other a stitched egg!  Oh this was all planned last minute after discovering we all put up Easter trees! ha ha dont all the good things work out that way!

And then I have my Eastery project I need to be getting on with too...

And do you know what??!!  Easter is actually just around the corner!! ha hah a 

I cannot believe its almost the end of March!

OK so I may well post more later... 

Thought I would share what I have eaten today... yes the whole food thing... well I have not been eating a lot lately hence why I have not bothered to post anything!

Today I fancied spicy food but could not decide on spicy vegetable noodles or spicy wholewheat rice with butter beans... so me being me had a little of both!!

Let me tell you it was really spicy!  But delicious.... I should do this more often!

Smiles to all :)  :)


  1. Oh thank you sweetie for posting about my blog, you are so kind!!
    Congrats on your mock exam, 39/40 is fantastic! You'll be more than fine for the actual real one. I'll be thinking of you & keep my fingers crossed :) These are impressive scars, take it easy. Although it is hard to resist the urge to stitch :D

  2. Hoping you get in many happy stitching hours with little to no pain! Take care of yourself. Hugs!

  3. You are doing very well at school! Wow! Thank God you still have pretty good use of that hand/wrist/arm.

  4. Yup you doing very good at school....hope you arm get well perfect soon..
    Hugs x


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