Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday 12 th March 2014...

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As you can see from the huge red symbol and writing in it I am fed up about something!  hmmm

Oh no its not normal for me to complain about something but I need to as I am 100% fed up and had enough!

I am fed up of feeling ill.. I just want to get back to normal and get one with every day life with not having to worry about eating something then worrying if its going to make me ill.  Sorry you are reading this but I need to vent somewhere :(


Ok maybe I should look at this another way... in a positive light... so I have cut out butter, cutting out some other dairy products and OK so I am now not feeling as ill, now I just feel tired!  I guess the positive in this is that due to cutting out butter I no longer feel ill!! yippppppeee!!  So hey lighten up Jax!! (sorry talking to myself there!)  Enough of this, I dont write a blog to tell you all I am ill!! I write a blog to tell you all what I have been up to and what I am going to get up to!  ha hah a I guess all the fun things and that is why I am no longer going to mention the S word!! 

La la la la thinking happy thoughts! :) :)

Right what have I been up to??

This morning and early afternoon my dad and I went to play bingo.  We usually go on Sundays... its our time together but for what ever reason we could not go.  Today we caught up and tried our hand at bingo!  Hmmm we are rubbish!! No wins!  But it was a lot of fun and we giggled a lot.  

I love spending time with my dad, I will cherish it as I hear often through FB friends of those who have lost their dads.  

Hmmm this has turned into a real happy post .... NOT!! 

Just one of those days I guess?

I am going now to stitch more of my Eastery design! Before I put my foot in it again! 

hmmm happy smiley Wednesday every one!


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