Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday 14 th March 2014...

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Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee its Friday!! ha ha I say that but it really makes no difference to me!  So yes I hope your all well and enjoying the start of spring?

Well today I have eaten healthily, taken some advice on board and weaning myself off the jacket potato's!  ha ha seriously!! I think they were not helping with me feeling bloated so they are GONE!!

Breakfast was missed as I had a wonderful sleep in today!  See Han did not need to be at college until an hour later than usual!  Nice!! So missed breakfast as I was being lazy!! ha ha

Lunch.. this was something different, brown wholewheat nimble bread, 2 slices plain no butter with dry fried egg and a little brown sauce. 

Dinner was so tasty... It was brown wholewheat rice mixed with vegetables, petite pois, green beans, onion, carrots, broccoli, sprouts and garlic.  Tossed together in chilli powder, herbs, salt and pepper.

So I am pleased that I ate good today... I have of course had coffee inbetween.. its decaf in our home!  

Well stitching wise I have been doing some!!

I posted this...

Yesterday I managed to do this...

Today I have done this...

I am still stitching on this one.. the outlining takes forever.  I love how it brings the picture out though.  On wards!!

I popped around my parents house today and took a photo of one of their cats.. they have 2 white ones.. they look the same.  As I could only catch one of them for a photo, I thought it was fine as they looked alike! ha

This one is affectionately called Nee Nee.. the other being the brother is called Bex ..

Cute huh! Thats why I took the photo!

I have to tell you about something that made me smile heaps this morning!... the post come and I well laughed!  

I should start with, well last year Han and I both did Race For Life in our town.. for Cancer Research.  We loved it, it was a fun day.

Flash back photo's...

OMG we look awful! So pleased I have lost weight!!

So yes that was last year and to be honest I had forgotten all about it!  Until today when the post come!! ha ha 

These were actual post cards sent through the post to us!! ha ha

The back of mine... Looks like we need to sign up again!! ha ha 

We will sign up as we loved it, it was a great day and we both really enjoyed it.

I am still chuckling thinking OMG these were sent through the  post to us and everyone saw it!! ha hah ha a

Remember to smile... 

I am!! :)


  1. Great progress on the dolphins!!! I must admit, your food looks yummy today. Those veg and rice are better for you than the potatoes! :)

  2. @Mii Stitch - Thanks for taking the time to post :) I am loving doing the dolphins and I dare I say it may be finished this weekend? Hmm maybe... although I am out all day Sunday at a theme park..Thorpe Park. I will take photo's :) The food...yes much better options, more me if I am honest! Just got sucked into the jacket potato thing I think... ha hah a

  3. Your lunch looks so tasty .... loving the dolphins, a friend has that design on her bathroom wall.
    Good luck this year in the race for life, your pics were lovely,


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